Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Finished My Classes, TP Results Are In and My Friend the Fountain

Finishing Classes
I have finished up my classes and it is a strange feeling. I had each class only 12 times and looking back on them already feels kind of like a dream. My final printmaking class was particularly surreal. All we had to do was turn in our final prints and then we were free to go. I was the only person who had finished prior to that class so everyone else was furiously working trying to finish and I simply handed my work in. My professor looked at my final prints and smiled saying I nailed the colors, which was something we had discussed earlier. Then in that moment it hit me that this was my last class. I wouldn’t run into my professor around campus or be able to swing by his office if I wanted to chat. We both seemed to simultaneously have this realization. He seemed sad and we both sat there for a moment not knowing how to say goodbye. I thanked him for all he had taught me and shared how grateful I was to have been introduced to printmaking. He was incredibly humble saying all the work came from within me he was just there if I got stuck. But in my opinion that is a sign of a truly great teacher. I was guided and learned the skills enough to be able to confidently create my own works but had an unbelievable safety net if I needed it. He said I could easily start an etsy or ebay selling my prints and thanked me for my hard work telling me that the studio was always open to me whenever I would come back. As I left the very familiar and beautiful bittersweet feeling, that fully encompasses gratitude for an amazing experience and sadness, which I have grown to love as I take it to be a strong sign of an experience being important and having value in my life. And John and printmaking have both been very valuable to me. Thank you John.  

Oriental Bay Fountain (from my journal)
After finishing up all my classes I am left with a sad, reflective feeling and have a strange amount of free time. I have felt drawn to go sit down at Oriental Bay and be quiet and reflect on my experiences. I am sitting watching the Crown Fountain shoot sheets of colorful water droplets up into the air and then watching them fall in sheets that float gently through the air. (Photos) Each color shift has my heart sink, not with sadness but with beauty. The colors are so rich that I easily get lost in them. I feel as though I will miss the waterfront and living so close the bay. I will miss the long clouds soaring low across the skies. They are strikingly powerful yet elegant and graceful, and thin enough to almost always allow the moon to shine through encompassing it in a rainbow. I will also certainly miss this fountain. It has such a powerful presence. Watching it puts me in a meditative place that always allows me to relax and feel what is within me easily and fully. It feels like a supportive loving friend that silently holds me through gaze alone. Currently it is supporting me in feeling many strong emotions. But it allows them to just be with no advice, without trying to change anything or make me feel better. It is just present with me doing its thing. I am struck be this amazing feeling that I found a home on the other side of the world and this has me feel more connected to the world as a whole. I am not just a part of a small place that I grew up but I am a part of this whole planet and much more. It has me feeling on even a deeper level that I will always be ok, even on the other side of the world from “home”. The city lights reflect in the still bay and my friend the fountain continues doing its thing. I look forward to the next time I get to spend time with this fountain and feel confident that we will have more time together down the road. Do you ever feel moments from the future in the present, kind of like a reverse déjà vu? That is how I feel right now. I feel myself here in the future. I can feel my body and a sense of returning home and quietly reconnecting with an old friend. A large cargo ship is now effortlessly gliding behind the fountain causing soft white reflections and glassy smooth waves from its wake.

I just moved up to the top of a building that overlooks the bay and the fountain from above. A few moments after moving the fountain turned off. And as I watched the final drops softly land on the surface of the bay. I felt a sadness as thought a friend had left too soon. Then only moments later a fully tatted guy in a hoodie emerged from the shadows and walked up to me startling me because I couldn’t hear him with my earbuds in. I quickly removed them and greeted him asking how he was doing tonight and he then said, “great man, want a cigarette?” I told him no but thanked him as cigarettes are very pricey. I was struck by how genuine and caring his tone was. He then looked at me and said, “Holy shit! This is a sick view eh?” I told him he should come back when the fountain is on. He said, “I certainly will, have a great night bro.” He then disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared. It was a simple encounter but it brightened my spirits considerably and put a huge smile on my face and into my heart. You never know when you will be gifted with a connection. I thought I was totally alone and then a guy, who most would consider to be stereotypically sketchy, comes up to me and offers me a cigarette and was incredibly present with me for a moment. As soon as one friend left for the night another immediately arrived just to remind me that anything can happen. I love this life!

TP Results Are In!
On a completely different note I have been flabbergasted by the sheer amount of toilet paper my three-person flat seems to use. So this week I decided to actually do a study to see how much we used in one full week. And the results are in. In 7 days my 3-person-flat used…. Drumrolll…. Ten and a half rolls of toilet paper! Meaning each of us uses a half a roll a day! (Which is definitely not the case for me) I have no idea how this happens but it seems to be about the pace I have imagined all semester long.

New Coffee Shop!
I walked into the Preservatorium on a warm sunny windy day in wellington and the man behind the counter said “from north Carolina right? I remember you came in the other day with another guy.” I was very impressed as this is only my second time in here. We had a wonderful little interaction he told me he had a friend that went to a camp outside of Raleigh. It is amazing how much like home wellington feels at times. I am sitting here looking over this little coffee shop with a feeling of belonging, comfort and contentment. I feel joyful with excitement bubbling through my body. It is also endlessly entertaining to watch people fight against the wind to open the door and then see their reaction as the wind slams it behind them. The intense wind adds to the cozy warm feeling within this little shop.

That is all for now just a quick little update. I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for reading.

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