Thursday, 17 September 2015

Final Post

My last week in New Zealand was bitter sweet. We all decided to stay in Wellington to have a relaxing last week as opposed to trying to fit another trip in. I hung out with the people I had gotten closest to and Sofie joined our crew as she was also back in wellington from her weekend in Rotorua. We went to our favorite bars we sat on the sittin dock, we went and watched the beautiful oriental bay fountain cascading into the calm waters reflecting. We had a final dinner with the crew and simply enjoyed each others company. It felt right, it honored our time together in a beautiful way and it felt good spending our last week in the city that had been our home and held us for the last 4 plus months. On our last morning we packed up our final things and headed to Ekim’s for a breakfast burrito. We then said goodbye to Sofie and the gang of 5 headed towards the bus stop. Maggie and David stayed for an extra week so we had to say our goodbyes at the bus stop. It was sad and surreal. Bitter sweet. It felt as though we were deeply honoring our time there we all clearly shared something incredibly unique and special. Deep connections and experiences that words can’t touch, even thoughts cant touch, the types of experiences that live deep in my bones and soul and truly have no need to be spoken. And though I am sure this crew will stay in my life in some capacity it will never again be like it was at that time of our lives where we lived a short walk from each other in a wild new world. Where I could grab Justin anytime to play hours of epic ping pong or where I could find someone to walk to the waterfront to simply be with. Entering that bus represented the shift from that wonderful world to whatever beauty and challenge would come next. As I entered the bus with Justin by my side and Alexa in front quiet tears filled my eyes. We watched as David and Maggie slowly disappear into the distance and I felt a deep sense of gratitude come over me. This stage was over but it was perfect.

And with that my life rolls on, full and vibrant. And though this specific journey comes to an end it is also the beginning of something new, something unknown and experiences that will shift me in stunning ways, some subtle and some probably intense. Thank you New Zealand for all the gifts you have given me and for enriching my life. Thank you to all the people I met, those who enriched my life with a smile and those that I expect to have as my brothers and sisters for many years to come. My love and gratitude to all of you and this beautiful life I feel profoundly honored to be living. With that I will sign off in regards to this trip to New Zealand and I turn the page with excited anticipation of what the next chapter will hold.

Te mauruuru,


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