Thursday, 23 April 2015

Glenorchy April 9th

Glenorchy April 9th

We decided to stay in Glenorchy for the night as it was a beautiful little town and was close to the other tracks we wanted to do. After talking with some locals awe decided to head out to do the Rees portion of the Rees dart track the next morning. There was bad weather coming in in 3 days so we decided to shorten it to a quick in and out. We booked transportation for first thing the next morning, resupplied on food and then spent the rest of the day enjoying Glenorchy. We went out to a rocky peninsula in the lake and soaked up the stunning views (Photos 1 and 2). We ate incredible food from the incredible Glenorchy Cafe or GYC  (Photo 3). And we were able to have a chill night and give our bodies some much-deserved rest.

We woke up at 7 to grab some breakfast. We found that all 3 restaurants in Glenorchy were closed until 8 so we meandered around the quite misty town. We found a giant cone shaped tree roughly 10 meters tall and 10 meters in diameter at the bottom. As we neared it a loud buzzing sound could be heard reverberating seemingly from all around. As we got closer we realized that the tree was full of thousands of yellow jackets hovering within this tree. It was a bizarre realization but added a lot to our misty morning. We grabbed breakfast at a nearby lodge where we were joined by the town cat. He seemed to be welcome in any store or restaurant and this morning he sat at the fourth chair at our table for our entire breakfast. He sat up very straight with his little head poking over the table. He never tried to get our food or anything he just kept us company. When we were done he got up with us and headed outside to continue his daily exploration.

Photo 1 - View From Peninsula In Glenorchy

Photo 2 - Panorama From Peninsula In Glenorchy

Photo 3 - GYC (Glenorchy Cafe)

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