Friday, 3 April 2015

Maori Art and Design Final

Here is the final drawing I did for my midterm evaluation for my Maori art and design project. We were to take a moment from the Maori creation story and depict it using Kowhaiwhai forms. I took a part of the story where Tawhiri (god and father of winds and storms) is angry and trying to harm his brothers Rongo (the god and father of cultivated food) and Haumia Tiketike (god and father of uncultivated food). Papa the earth mother decides to protect her sons and she disguises them as a sweet potato and a fern root. In my image Haumia and Rongo are safe surrounded by the Kowhai Ngutu Kaka form (a feminine form Im using to indicate a motherly holding) while Tawhiri searches for them. 

A sketch trying to create the fluidity, confusion and anger of Tawhiri (wind)

Final Drawing (roughly 30 inches by 20 inches)

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