Saturday, 25 April 2015

Glenorchy Round 2 - April 13th

We woke up around 8 and headed to our breakfast lodge. As we sat enjoying our food the weather turned to a heavy slushy rain, which added to the cozy vibe of the lodge. After breakfast we went back to our backpackers and the slush turned to snow. We spent a sleepy morning journaling and talking, feeling grateful to be in doors. After a few hours it cleared up and the sun beamed off the fresh snow. We decided to head to the GYC for another amazing massive sandwich and some hot mulled wine. The town cat joined us again for our meal and sat by the woodstove keeping us company (Photo 1). The weather was still gorgeous when we were done so we decided to walk out onto the peninsula at the top of the lake where we had spent time during our first visit in Glenorchy. The view was even more stunning with the snow coming down the beautiful mountains sticking as low as 300 meters. (Photos 2 and 3) From here we decided to do the 2-hour return Glenorchy walkway. Wooden slatted paths stretched out in front of us leading the way through marshy landscape (Photo 4). The foliage eventually opened up into a stunning lagoon full of more black swans than I have ever seen in my life (Photo 5). I would guess that there were over 100 in total gracefully gliding through the clear waters. It was almost too beautiful to believe with the snowy mountains with the sun setting and casting purples and deep blues on the thick clouds as the backdrop (Photos 6 and 7). On our walk back we plucked some leaves from the Harakeke plant, which is often falsely referred to as flax. Moari people have used Harakeke for weaving, rope making and many other things. We finished our night with a pasta dinner and then sat by the fire at the backpackers weaving until sleep allowed our dreams to entertain us until morning light. 

Photo 1 - David With The Town Cat

Photo 2 - View From Peninsula With Snowcapped Mountains

Photo 3 - View From Peninsula With Snowcapped Mountains

Photo 4 - Wooden Walkways Through The Lagoon

Photo 5 - Four Black Swans In Glenorchy Lagoon

Photo 6 - View Of Glenorchy Lagoon

Photo 7 - Panorama Of Glenorchy Lagoon

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