Friday, 29 May 2015

Drawing Exercises

In the second half of the semester in drawing the body we went through many exercises leading up to drawing the clothed figure. I have posted some below. We started creating a small scale three dimensional skeleton with fully functional joints to understand the structure within the body. We then Built a full size fully functional joint to understand more intricately how they worked. Next we moved on to drawing the skeleton and then drawing the musculature system. We then explored the body through feeling by closing our eyes and drawing aspects of ourselves by using only touch to gather information. Lastly we focused on fabric and how it drapes over the body. The idea was to build up an understanding of the human body layer by layer.

Skewer and Tape Skeleton with Fully Functional Joints

Skewer and Tape Fully Functional Elbow Joint

Drawing Of Nose Using Only Touch

Drawing Of Neck Using Only Touch

Full Size Skeleton

Full Size Musculature

Fabric Still Life

Self Portrait Focusing on Fabric

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